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SEO Work Plan

See, Whether you are doing business or anything else, You need to set small goals with your working blueprint and that's where we help you building and scaling your blog or business!

Guest Post Outreach

In SEO, Relevant Guest post is most primary method to rank any website. But No one could have quality sites more than 3-4 and Here you need outreach services. We do outreach on behalf of you and help you with the sites having DA >60 ,organic traffic!

Guest Post

Being in Industry from Last 8 years, I have lot of blogs where I could offer you guest posts. It doesn't matter what's your niche- just let us know your requirement and we will fulfil accordingly.


Hunting HQ Expired Domains

Finding a Good expired domain is a cup of tea for me. Whenever I start anything especially for guest posting business, I fulfil all the stats required to start that website. If you have certain requirement related to expired domain, just try out our "Hunting HQ Expired Domain" service once!

HQ PBN Setup

When you want to rank quickly and looking forward to one stop solution, then HQ PBN works for you. It's just you need to save yourself from Google footprints and that's where lot of guys from our team is specialized. 

Website Flipping

As I said, We are in Industry from last 8 years so we are having very great connection with those who purchase sites. We have great track record in flipping the site as well! Let us know your wish...

Organic Facebook Marketing

Today, a lot of guys depends on paid FB traffic but that costs alot for them and that's too in recurring form! We help you to reach millions of people organically with the little or No Investment.

English Content Writing

We are having a team of Guest post contributors, editors, and website owners who are ready to up your work in english.

Hindi Content Writing

While 369 Million Native speakers are in English, Hindi is the 4th most spoken language in the World having 341 Million native speakers. Talking about content, 55% of content on Internet is in English and only 0.04% content is in Hindi. We are from North India and Hindi is our native langauge so we can be the best solution for you if you want to cover extra audience especially Indian.

Live Skype Session for SEO Audit

This is an absolutely Free of Cost. You give us your detail and we give you 20 minutes live session on"What could you do with your blog or your business" but this is an bonus with any other offer! So Don't wait- try it out and grab the opportunity to work with us!

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Our aim, at Gd The Rankers, is to happy 5000 customers with my service this year and then we are looking forward to scaling our services for 50,000 customers in the next 3 years! Fingers crossed, let’s hope for the best 🙂

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just let me know @

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